Our values

Dedicated to our unwavering mission, we operate with a sense of urgency to ensure the unrestricted availability of all scientific knowledge. Recognizing the pivotal role of immediate and free access to top-tier research, we champion open access publishing. This facilitates the prompt and barrier-free sharing of knowledge, fostering enhanced collaboration among researchers. Our commitment lies in accelerating innovation to address humanity's pressing challenges.

At the heart of our principles is the profound acknowledgment that scientists drive the engine of modern society. The strides made in science contribute to the unprecedented longevity, health, and prosperity we experience today, marking an epoch in human history.

In our decision-making process, the paramount consideration is always: What serves the best interests of the researchers—the trailblazers in the realm of science? Our responsibility is to furnish the global scientific community with an unparalleled publishing experience—one that is optimal, expeditious, and efficient.

These principles, constituting the bedrock of our core values, are indispensable in realizing our overarching mission.