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Pioneering the future of scientific publishing

We’re at the forefront of innovating the methods of scientific publishing through the integration of AI and machine learning tools. Our approach is transforming how scientific research is published, accessed, and utilized globally.

AI-Assisted Manuscript Submission Process

Our AI system streamlines paper submission by auto-formatting manuscripts, simplifying the submission and review process, and enhancing readability. This technology reduces manual editing effort, making publishing faster and more efficient.

Global Distribution

Our published articles are automatically distributed to journalists and grey literature, presented in formats accessible to both the lay public and fellow scientists. This ensures wide dissemination and easy understanding, amplifying the reach and impact of each publication.

ConductScience Help Center

We offer hands-on support with a professional team of scientists to ensure that every step of the process is smooth and easy.

Scientific Submission

Submit your article with ease using our straightforward submission process, designed to guide you smoothly with just one click.

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A win win model for all

The affiliate link model at ConductScience Academic Research House means that scientists incur very low fees to publish their work. By embedding affiliate links in articles, we create a symbiotic relationship between the publisher, the scientist, and the supplier. When readers, including replicating scientists, purchase products through these links, a portion of the sale is returned to ConductScience. This revenue stream allows us to minimize the publication fees charged to scientists, thereby reducing the financial barrier to publishing their research. Consequently, this model supports our open-access policy and upholds our commitment to disseminating scientific knowledge without imposing significant financial burdens on the contributors.
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Innovation in Replication

Accuracy and consistency in research

Science made easy

For scientists, the affiliate link model implemented by ConductScience Academic Research House provides a direct pathway to necessary products and supplies at a lower cost. When a scientist reads about a new methodology or experimental approach in one of our open-access articles, they can follow affiliate links embedded within the article to purchase the associated products or equipment needed to replicate the study. This system not only streamlines the procurement process but also secures discounts that may not be available through standard retail channels
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Automated Dissemination

Ensuring every discovery is shared efficiently and extensively

Replication made easy

This model significantly reduces costs for all. Scientists publishing with us face minimal fees and earn from affiliate sales. Replicators save by purchasing at discounts, passing savings to the scientific community and public, thereby fostering a cost-effective environment for scientific and healthcare advancements.
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