ConductScience in Health Management

ConductScience in Health Management

ConductScience in Health Management is a premier, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the field of health management through rigorous scientific research and innovative practices. The journal serves as a critical platform for the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of evidence-based strategies that address the multifaceted challenges faced by health systems worldwide.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving healthcare needs, ConductScience in Health Management aims to foster a multidisciplinary approach that integrates the latest scientific discoveries with practical applications. Our mission is to bridge the gap between research and practice, facilitating the translation of cutting-edge findings into real-world solutions that enhance the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of healthcare.

We are committed to exploring the dynamic intersections of health management, public health, healthcare administration, and policy-making. By providing a forum for scholarly exchange, we encourage the development of innovative methodologies, the implementation of best practices, and the formulation of strategies that can be scaled across diverse healthcare settings.

Furthermore, the journal emphasizes the importance of technological advancements in transforming health management. We are particularly interested in studies that examine the impact of digital health innovations, telehealth solutions, and health informatics on patient care and system performance. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies can be leveraged to improve healthcare delivery and achieve better health outcomes.


Scope and Focus: ConductScience in Health Management publishes cutting-edge research, reviews, case studies, and perspectives that address the complex challenges and opportunities in health management. The journal focuses on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Health systems and policy
  • Healthcare quality and safety
  • Telehealth and digital health innovations
  • Health informatics and data analytics
  • Public health and epidemiology
  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Patient-centered care and engagement
  • Health workforce and leadership
  • Global health initiatives

Types of Submissions: We welcome a variety of manuscript types to ensure a comprehensive and dynamic discourse in health management. Submissions may include:

  • Original Research Articles: Empirical studies presenting novel findings with robust methodologies.
  • Review Articles: Comprehensive overviews of specific topics, synthesizing existing literature and identifying future research directions.
  • Case Studies: Detailed examinations of particular instances in health management, providing practical insights and lessons learned.
  • Perspectives: Expert opinions and thought-provoking discussions on current trends and future directions in health management.
  • Technical Reports: Descriptions of innovative tools, technologies, and methodologies applicable to health management.
  • Policy Analysis: In-depth analysis of health policies and their implications for practice and research.
  • Letters to the Editor: Concise observations or critiques related to previously published articles or current issues in health management.

Audience: ConductScience in Health Management serves a diverse audience, including researchers, practitioners, policymakers, educators, and students in the fields of public health, healthcare administration, health informatics, and related disciplines. The journal aims to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that can inform evidence-based decision-making and enhance the effectiveness of health management practices globally.

Editorial Process: All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the highest standards of quality, validity, and relevance. Our editorial board comprises leading experts in various domains of health management, committed to upholding the journal's integrity and fostering scientific excellence.

Indexing: We ensure immediate indexation of all published articles through DOI, ISSN and Google Scholar. Additionally, our articles will be promptly indexed in Web of Science and PubMed retroactively. This comprehensive indexation ensures that your work is widely accessible and highly visible within the academic community, enhancing its impact and reach.

Join us in contributing to the advancement of health management by submitting your research to ConductScience in Health Management. Together, we can shape the future of healthcare and improve health outcomes worldwide!

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